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Per Regulation D of the Federal Reserve, certain electronic transfers from savings accounts are limited to six (6) per month, including:
  • transfers through L@ngley Link or CHIPS
  • pre-authorized debits
  • phone or fax requests
  • automatic transfers for overdrafting debit card transactions, for checks, ATM withdrawals, ACH debits, or for Bill Payment
If you exceed the limit of six of the above transfers, then your check or ACH debit will be returned as a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) item, and/or your Bill Payment won't be processed. An NSF fee is charged in all cases. The following transfers are not subject to limits under Regulation D: transfers completed in person at a branch or at an ATM transfers completed by a signed letter of request received by mail transfers completed for the purpose of repaying a loan to Langley Federal Credit Union.